Profit & Planet

Sector Focus

DBL Cleantech Capital is a pure play in the clean technology space, committed to Double Bottom Line (DBL) returns, by focusing on delivering substantial Profit, with positive impacts on our Planet.

The word "Cleantech" first emerged in widespread use to describe a group of emerging technologies, industries, and financial asset classes based on principles of biology, resource efficiency, and second-generation production concepts in basic industries. Examples include energy efficiency, selective catalytic reduction, non-toxic materials, water purification, solar energy, and new paradigms in energy conservation. Since the 1990s, interest in these technologies has increased with two trends: a decline in the relative cost of these technologies and a growing understanding of the link between industrial design used in the 19th century and early 20th century, such as fossil fuel power plants, the internal combustion engine, and chemical manufacturing, and an emerging understanding of human-caused impact on earth systems resulting from their use.

Target Investment Opportunities

1 - Clean energy: renewable / sustainable

       Examples: solar, wind, algae, geothermal, biomass, tidal, supporting technologies

2 - Energy storage: stationary and mobile

       Examples: capacitive, flywheel, compressed air

3 - Energy conservation & recovery

     Examples: Energy savings and recovery technologies, insulation, energy efficiency software, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), lighting, motors, electronic, sub-metering, buildings, truck cab units, heat exchangers

4 - Advanced materials: viable alternatives to hydrocarbon based synthetic materials.

       Examples: alternatives to household & industrial plastics, polymers, synthetic cleaners and horticultural products.

5 - Transportation: niche transport

       Examples: specialty electric vehicles, four wheel drive and offroad and utility.

6 - Clean air solutions: reducing emissions in commercial applications

        Example: cost efficient air pollution systems.

7 - Roll-up strategy - acquisition and consolidation of a targeted, specific cleantech industry segments, which maximizes value and provides quicker return.