Profit & Planet


Committed to Double Bottom Line (DBL) returns, we focus on delivering substantial Profit, with positive impacts on people and our Planet.

We have a genuine respect for the planet, deeply care about our children's and grandchildren's future and have proven that we can make a difference. Focused on generating superior profits, we have a passion for successful entrepreneurial teams, high growth businesses and technologies with positive impact to our planet.

As senior executives, investment professionals and entrepreneurs, we focus on energetic and driven entrepreneurial teams with transformative proprietary technologies and the market potential to build world class companies.

Committed to double bottom line returns (DBL), we start with the market pull and existing demand for the technology, assess probabilities for wider market adoption, help build a winning team around the driving entrepreneur and work together in a spirit of true partnership.

We believe these successful, high growth companies can reduce a significant amount of carbon loading on the environment and meet our goal of helping entrepreneurs factor carbon reduction and measurement into their business models. This results in a profitable portfolio of companies that have a positive impact on the Planet.