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Examples of Management's Investments


Biorem Technologies Inc. 

Biorem Technologies Inc. is a leader in design and implementation of biofilter technology for air purification and odor removal. Biological air filters provide cost effective and reliable removal of water soluble contaminants from air streams. The main advantages of biofiltration are the low operating cost (low energy consumption) and ultimate degradation of the contaminant on site rather than simply a phase transfer requiring further destruction. Biofilters have been used successfully in diverse applications to control both odors and VOC (volatile organic compound) emission. New applications continue to be developed.

Biofilters are used extensively in the control of odors from biological waste reduction processes such as waste water treatment and composting operations. In the last several years they have gained widespread use in the control of odors in the food industry including meat processing plants, food fragrance production and a variety of food and beverage fermentation processes.

Ecoval Technologies Inc.

Ecoval is a developer and marketer of its brand of 100% natural, environmentally safe fertilizers, a patented non-toxic organic herbicide and patented tree recovery systems.

The Nature's Glory line of products addresses the growing environmental and personal health issues concerning the use of chemicals in horticulture with products that provide better results than chemical products and stimulates soil activity, yet is price competitive.

Customers include major retail chains, municipalities, professional lawn care and landscaping contractors and golf courses.

EcoSharp Corporation

EcoSharp Corporation has developed the first all-electric 4 wheel drive Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) that is purpose built for the professional user. By using the latest technology and state of the art components EcoSharp can now offer a UTV that has all the power and performance of gas or diesel on an eco-friendly electric platform.

Petrozyme Technologies Inc.

Petrozyme Technologies Inc. is an early-stage company that boasts a unique proprietary fermentation technology for the safe on-line remediation of sludge from treatment streams at oil refineries and chemical plants. Petrozyme has applied for its first process patent and currently is engaged in a major project at a refinery in Venezuela.

Petrozyme's technology was developed at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario. Petrozyme is the first company to develop on-line technology for oil refineries and chemical plants that converts toxic bio-products to water and C02.


TurboSonic, acquired by MEGTEC Systems, is a global supplier of air pollution control and liquid atomization technologies with a product offering, developed through extensive industry experience, representing the most advanced solutions available. With innovative design features for high efficiency emissions control, the patented products are designed to outperform regulatory requirements, improve performance and energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and recover valuable by-products.


With a wide range of award-winning software and hardware solutions, Certicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackberry Limited, protects billions of dollars worth of content and millions of devices around the world. With over 350 patents and patents pending worldwide covering key aspects of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).Type your paragraph here.