Profit & Planet

Investment Criteria

Focused on Double Bottom Line (DBL) returns, DBL Cleantech Capital seeks to partner with outstanding companies that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Committed, energetic and experienced management teams with proven track records.
  • People & Planet impact - Solutions addressing significant positive impact to the environment.
  • Technology-driven products that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current market offerings in clearly defined markets with sustainable high growth rates.
  • Leading-edge or breakthrough technology that drives superior economics.
  • The target customer is clearly defined with proven value / benefit received from the solution.
  • Customer buying behavior, buying cycle and decision process to change from an existing solution to a new solution are substantiated.
  • Proprietary intellectual property through patent protection, copyright and/or trade secrets.
  • Clear exit strategy, aligned with the interests of other stakeholders.
  • A strong value proposition, preferably with multiple drivers.
  • Product or service solution delivers a measurable reduction of carbon loading.
  • An opportunity for our team to add value beyond the investment capital.

Our due diligence process ensures the development of a relationship and understanding of management's key drivers, genuine value proposition, the market acceptance of the defensible technology and quality of patents. This process is sometimes time consuming but a critical stage in our investment process.